1st Anniversary Les Privat PIMM -The Journey-

Pagi bond bond..!!! Kali ini tulisan saya sih rada simpel dan cenderung curhat ya.. 😀

Ceritanya sih tulisan ini ngebahas soal perjalanan setahun bisnis saya dari kacamata sang admin. Kalo dari saya sendiri, entah kapan bakal saya rilis.. Masih tahap editing.. 😀  So, selamat menikmat sebuah perjalanan tahun awal saya yang berasa merinding bahagia kalo dibaca (sama saya sendiri) 😀

It’s a great journey. I have a bussiness in sector education that is built since 7st of june 2010 with a friend. At the first time, this bussiness is not too interest me so much. Because I think it is just a little bussiness and not give me much money. Well, that time I was worked at internet café with Rp. 500.000,- /month since june to september and I was really attractive on it. June was nothing snd the beginning of this journey.
We called it “PIMM” by the inshort of “PINTAR ITU MURAH DAN MUDAH( Smart is Cheap and Easy)”. It’s a private course agency. We have many tutors who is student colleges from many universities in Surabaya. We ask them to teach our clients personally in their own home. We manage all the things about it. Schedules, tests, administration, consultation etc.
My first jobdisk is a admin. I just need to be able to answer the calls. And make a scheddule for first meeting. Then,its changin at 2nd month( july). Not only just answer the calls and make schedule, I drop my tutors to the client’s places at the first appoinment and I responsibilities about anything such as complains, payments. I did it. My friend’s job is just drop me wherever we have appontment with clients and wherever we have work, he also make a system with my help too. He prefer to think because he cannot speak with people properly(just don’t have talented in speaking). And I pretend to action to fighting in a real world.
I’m so glad that GOD gives me many talents. I ‘m good in relationship, good in diplomatic, I speak very well and sometimes I could get many clients by my marketing ( confident mode on : self marketing.LOL.^^V). So I think we are a good partner to make a teamwork. He think, I do.
It’s not easy. But we do it sincerely. With all our energy, mind and feel. Sometimes we got problems that make us very breaking down and give me too much stressed of many complains. But we don’t give up. We fight and fight. In spite many internal problems( in course and system ).
Now, it’s a year for my sweet PIMM. We have 20clients and more than 20 tutors. And we plan to open new branch at Semarang( a capital city of Middle Java ). We have meet our candidat ( someone who work as a admin, administration, etc) who will manage our branch under my supervision. We will start first marketing at October 2011. I hope it’d work.
Now is a holiday season for many students. So we don’t get much paid and order. It starts worst since march 2011. A bit order and many clients quit for private because their kid have been passed the final exam and some moved home. We will advertise it( PIMM at Surabaya) again at the beginning of july this year. Hopefully it will be better than before and we could continue to Semarang then our dream to open at Bandung this year.
This year we will make a new system, new rules, new price. But it’s not too segnificant. The most important is rules. It will make everything going good and managed. New prices will be up to Rp 5000 up to Rp.10.000 depend on the grade and a distances.
This bussiness is too much better than I expect from the beginning. So I wont ever leave this bussiness that we built from zero. Now its not give us good money. But someday we will get better and get more and more.
And my dream is I could rent a home or place that I could use for the office of this course and also for living( my personal). Then it could be a workoffice. Well, this is I can said. Nothing else. Never ending if I talk too much and would make u all asleep. Ahahhahaha. Bravo!!!! Auguriiiiiii!!! Moi aussie je taime PIMM. !!!

Dan inilah hasil dari perjalanan menuju cabang kedua Les Privat PIMM!!!